Trying to settle for a thesis topic can be a bit challenging. Now that you are in the last stage of your dissertation program, thesis writing and defence are among the most critical stages of your program. While people tend to seek cheap professional writing help to navigate them during the process, having some topics in mind is a good idea.

Top 5 Interesting Dissertation Topics Across Fields

  1. Analyzing the Father Figure Formation for Children in Single Parent Families
  2. Working on this topic requires details of a typical family structure enshrined in the fabrics of your thesis. Make sure you explain how the involvement of both parents impacts the lives of the children. Although the nucleus of the content is on the father figure, it is essential to introduce to your audience all that is associated with having a mother cater to a child and how that impacts his or her concept of fatherhood.

  3. Should College Education Be Free for All?
  4. Different governments have come up with various schemes on college education, but there are still questions regarding the cost of acquiring a college degree. In your writing, explore the numerous propositions by the legislature of the country you intend to write on. Irrespective of the country, however, many aspire to have a degree, but will it be at the cost of being in debt after schooling. If college education is made free, will it be covered by the taxpayers? These are questions that should be addressed in your dissertation.

  5. Should Real Estate Agents be Educated in Terms of Architecture and Construction Principles?
  6. While real estate agents are required to have a good formal education, they hold the ability to sell ice to an Eskimo. That means they come up with ideas that help them market and acquire properties. You should include the role of a real estate agent in architectural works but focus on how getting educated on construction principles makes a real estate agent good at his or her job.

  7. Cyber Bullying and Social Networks: What Role Does Social Media Play in Bullying
  8. In your writing, be sure to define bullying and the individuals who are pioneers of this type of pain infliction. Also, analyze social media as a portal for bullies while you talk about ways to combat these forces. These include filing reports, changing privacy status, etc. Your content must have an adequate description of a bully so that individuals who are oblivious of the fact that something as simple as an online gossip is harmful can understand.

  9. Media and Cliche Role in Contemporary Politics
  10. The media serves as an intermediary between the people and the government or vice versa. Part of your work should have the role of the media explicitly defined and juxtapose it with the reality of things in the world. The media has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages because it is a tool that can be accessed by anyone following the widespread use of modern technology.

Work on Your Dissertation Topics or Contract it to a Professional Writer?

Picking an intriguing topic is just the first step, you still need to devote time and effort to writing the thesis. If you have your hands full and cannot adequately complete the writing on any of the topics mentioned above, then you should contact a professional writer for cheap writing help. They can teach you how to write or write it for you.