The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

At the post graduate level, there are two main academic documents that are written after a research has been carried out. These are thesis, and dissertation. For sure, so many people get confused at the mention of these two terms. There are those who think that they mean thesis definition means the same thing while others think they do not. This makes them feel out of place and therefore, creating the need to give clear differences between the two. In this article, these two have been distinguished based on various things.

Similarities between the two

Even though there are a few similarities, they do not qualify them to be used interchangeably. As a thesis writer, you should clearly understand whether it is thesis writing or a dissertation and this should be clear right from the start.

They are both crafted at post graduate level

During thesis writing at the post graduate level, you will be expected to know how to craft these two. Your lecturer or professor will guide on which one he or she wants you to write and then you can show out your skills and knowledge. As said earlier, there are important aspects that define each of these and need to show up as one reads through the paper. Look for thesis statement examples and you will find in both. Both have a similar structure

There are no marked differences when it comes to the structure. They both assume similar steps. For instance, in both, thesis writer has to begin with a title, then compose an introduction, the body and fin ally a conclusion. This is the basic structure that is universally accepted. The two may however differ in terms of style but this depends with the professor or the institution. When stuck however, dissertation help can be sought from relevant people or simply buy dissertation from a firm.

Similar presentation forms

In general, before presenting a document from a paper writing service, the writer needs to come up with power points which are actually a summary of the entire information. Everything in both power point documents is the same. The basic preparations that the presenter makes are also similar.

The main differences

Now that you are so eager to mark the various differences between these two, it is important that you pay great attention. In this article, emphasis is given on functional rather than structural basis. Focus on the following and write down your notes. People who seek thesis help tend to pass highly.

The specific programs in which they are written

In this setting, we majorly look at the specific programs in which you will be requested to craft them. In post graduate, there is masters and doctoral programs. Each of these two is different from the other. In general, a thesis is written and presented.

Differences in purpose

The purposes they serve also vary. A thesis example serves the major purpose of demonstrating that the writer has enough knowledge on the topic and can get the required type of information to prove his or her findings. It is normally based on what you learn during the post graduate program. In simpler terms, one adds some knowledge on what already exists. On the other hand, a dissertation is not about what you have learned in the course of the program but rather, an opportunity to explore new ideas, various concepts and practices through a survey. One goes out to the field and comes up with something that is totally new. He or she then carries out research to prove his or her ideas. A successful dissertation is marked by giving reliable proofs through demonstrations. If one is unable to do this, then his or her project is not successful and risks redoing it. Everyone should however be very careful not to encounter such type of punishment from the professors.

Structural differences

When it comes to thesis writing, the type of information given is majorly to expand on ideas that already exist. One tries to give facts and reliable information with possible proofs. On the other hand, a dissertation is composed of information that does not really exist. However, one utilizes the available text books, internet information and other materials to formulate his or her own unique ideas. These form the main topic of the paper. Know what you want to write and adhere to its specific structure. You should never mix up the two because this can make a professor to deny you some marks.

Differences in length

If you have tried to compare thesis outline in both, then you might have discovered that there is a marked difference in their lengths. This is brought about by the bulk of information that is required. A thesis document should be approximately 100 pages. Even though these are quite many, they are not similar in number with dissertation papers which has relatively more. It is a kind of a booklet. This is due to the background check which must be explored in details before one comes up with a totally unique idea. For assistance, look for a thesis writing service.