Today, as healthcare continues to take center stage as a social issue, the relevance of medical law is becoming increasingly important. As a graduate student, picking a topic for your thesis is a crucial stage in your program. You need to find a unique topic with ample information for your thesis. However, this is not always going to be an easy process. This is why most people seek professional writing help. While these services are cheap, below is a list of possible topics for your dissertation. It is always helpful to first have a topic in mind. It makes things easier even when you want to pay for professional help.

Top 5 Medical Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Assisted Suicide and Parliamentary Legislation: Should More Safeguards Be Added to Permission?
  2. If assisted suicide must be allowed, parliament must decide on legislation which, aside from giving the authorization to help the dying, integrates proper safeguards of appropriate rigor and precision. With the curse of assisted death casting a long shadow over parliament, the argument has become increasingly heated concerning whether or not it should be legalized across every part of the United States. Your thesis should investigate the inevitability of the legislation on assisted suicide and analyze how such regulations can guard the society against misuse and errors that may be considered murder.

  3. Pro-life Vs. Pro-choice: A Critical Examination of Abortion Laws from an Unbiased Perspective
  4. Critically investigate the moral and legal issues surrounding abortion and other central factors as relating to human rights, the legal limits of this power, and how legislation can play a long-lasting role in this debate. Let your thesis focus on the different concepts that make up the abortion debate, such as ethics, individual rights, and legal rights. Abortion similarly stokes up the eternal dispute between law and morality.

  5. Amending the Abortion Act To Give Adequate Protection to the Rights of the Father
  6. The debate surrounding abortion legalization is already a tense and heated one. The relating argument of rights of the father in abortion cases elevates the topic of abortion into a whole new zone of controversy. Make sure your thesis evaluates whether the rights and interests of the father can be implemented when the mother decides to terminate the pregnancy.

  7. Should the Law on Organ Transplant be Modified to an "Opt-out" Model?
  8. Recently, it has been suggested that the organ transplantation model should, by law, allow an opt-out clause. This means that unless a person officially requests against organ donation, their organs will be harvested. Focus your thesis on the issues on the integrity of a person's right to have the "final say" over their body in life and death. When writing your dissertation, compare medical issues, the concept of "greater good" with an individual's legal power over their body.

  9. A Critical Analysis of the Legislation of Sterilization as a Method of Population Control
  10. Consider the legal and ethical implications of this assertion juxtaposing with the economic significance it may have. Recent arguments in some quarters claim that welfare recipients should have their families limited to only two or three children. Are these claims legally permissible, given that they are receiving public funds?